• General
  • What is included in an X3B Purchase?
    • X3B radar unit
    • Robust PC
    • FlightScope software
    • Professional Leica laser measuring device
    • Heavy-duty tripod
    • FlightScope backpack
    • FlightScope hardside rolling case
  • Is the X3B covered by warranty?

    FlightScope Products are guaranteed to be free of workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve (12) months. Third-party equipment, software and accessories are covered by the warranties provided by the original manufacturers of these items. Repairs of Products are guaranteed to be free of workmanship and material defects for a period of three (3) months from the repair date.

    Warranty DOES NOT cover:

    1. Damage or malfunctions, and expenses incurred in the process of diagnosing and/or repairing damage or malfunctions resulting from
      1. User error
      2. Misuse, abuse, or negligence
      3. Inadequate or improper maintenance
    2. Normal wear and tear
    3. Service or modifications by other than FlightScope’s authorized repair centers
    4. Use of the Product in a manner that is inconsistent with its manual or labeling
    5. Acts of nature (including, without limitation, floods, fire, earthquake, or acts of war or civil emergency
    6. Nonconforming utilities (including, without limitation, electrical power supplies) including damage caused by lightning, power surges, brown-outs, and wrong voltage use
    7. Performance and life of rechargeable batteries

  • Can the X3B be used while charging?
    Yes. The X3B will capture pitch and hit data while charging.
  • How long does the battery last?
    4-6 Hours
  • How much does the X3B weigh?
    6 lbs
  • How soon from Purchase will I receive the X3B?
    7-10 Business Days
  • Data
  • What data does the X3B Display?

    Pitching Data
    • Pitch velocity • Spin rate • Pitch release vertical • Pitch release horizontal • Pitch spin direction (degrees) • Pitch tilt (clock) • Release height • Release side • Extension • Break induced vertical • Break horizontal • Break vertical • Strike zone height • Strike zone side • Plate speed • Approach angle vertical • Approach angle horizontal • Pitch time • pfxx • pfxz • x0 • y0 • z0 • vx0 • vy0 • vz0 • ax • ay • az • px

    Hitting Data
    • Exit velocity • Launch angle vertical • Launch angle horizontal • Carry distance • Flight time • Hit landing side • Hit landing forward

  • Do metal bats cause any discrepancies in the data?


  • Can the data be viewed on a separately displayed monitor?
    Yes. Through a USB-HDMI adapter, all data parameters can be viewed on your screen of choice.
  • Mobile Devices & Applications
  • What mobile devices are compatible with the X3B?

    The X3B data is tracked using FS Baseball, which is a Windows based application. All purchases include a Windows laptop PC with FS Baseball preloaded. FS Baseball can not be installed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android devices.

    FS Multicam is an accessory app to record different camera angles in FS Baseball. FS Multicam is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  • Usage and Setup
  • Can the X3B be used in-game?

    Yes, during Game, Scrimmage, and Live BP sessions, pitch and hit data will be recorded. During Bullpen sessions, only pitch data will be recorded. During Batting Practice sessions, only hit data will be recorded.

  • Can the X3B be used indoors?

    Yes. Indoor lights must be LED lights as fluorescent lights will cause interference with the X3B tracking. We require at least 300 lux of luminosity.

  • How far back can the X3B go from home plate?

    50 ft.

  • How close can the X3B be to home plate?

    For bullpen sessions, the X3B can be as close as 8’2” behind the back tip of home plate. For all other session types, including Scrimmages, Games, Batting Practices, and Live Batting Practices, the X3B can be as close as 14’9” behind the back tip of home plate.

  • How does indoor lighting affect the X3B?

    Indoor lights must be LED lights as fluorescent lights will cause interference with the X3B tracking. We require at least 300 lux of luminosity.

  • How high does the X3B have to be?

    The minimum height is calculated based on the setback distance. We recommend a height of at least 6’6” for any session.

  • Can the X3B offset from home plate?

    We recommend keeping the X3B in-line with home plate, the pitching rubber, and 2nd base. Data quality can not be guaranteed if offset greater than 3 feet to the left or right.

  • Can I set up the X3B behind netting or metal fencing?

    Yes. We recommend no more than one layer of fence or net. Aim X3B camera hole through fence hole.

  • Can I travel with the X3B?


  • Hardware
  • What are the max/min temperatures the X3B can be in?

    Max: 122°F/50°C Min: 32°F/0°C

  • Is the X3B waterproof?

    No. General rule of thumb is to handle it as a laptop. If it begins to rain, hail, or snow, take it down.

  • What are the dimensions of the X3B?


  • FlightScope Cloud
  • How do I access FlightScope Cloud?

    Enter baseball.flightscope.cloud in your web browser.

  • How much does FlightScope Cloud cost?

    FlightScope Cloud is an optional purchase. One year of FS Cloud costs $995. If two or more years purchased upfront, the cost is $750 per year.

  • Baseball Video Clipper
  • What is Baseball Video Clipper?

    Baseball Video Clipper is a PC app that is included with a FlightScope Cloud purchase. It is an application that automatically cuts any video, and syncs that specific video with each triggered event recorded from the X3B.

  • My video isn’t appearing on the export screen. What happened?

    In the upper left hand corner under the video tab, ‘Match video with first timeline event’ will place the beginning of the video at the first timestamp of the X3B from the selected session. From there, toggle the video to line up the first triggered event from the X3B.

  • My Video won’t play on FS Cloud. What’s wrong?

    Before you upload any video, ensure ‘use webm video format’ is checked before exporting the clip. This is found on the upper left corner under the Video tab.